The latest news in diversity in children’s literature.


The Washington Post, July 13, 2016: “Carla Hayden confirmed as 14th librarian of Congress”

The Atlantic, July 14, 2016: “Where Books Are All But Nonexistent”

Mind/Shift, June 20, 2016: “20 Books Featuring Diverse Characters to Inspire Connection and Empathy”

CBC, June 8, 2016:: “The CBC Partners with the unPrison Project for Second-Consecutive Year to Build Prison-Nursery Libraries for Incarcerated Mothers and Their Babies

The Establishment, May 16, 2016: ”The Importance of Fanfiction for Queer Youth“

Huffington Post (via CBC Diversity), April 28, 2016: ”The Diversity of Imagination“

Broadly, April 18, 2016: ”Read Between the Racism: The Serious Lack of Diversity in Book Publishing“

Brightly, March 1, 2016: ”#OwnVoices: Why We Need Diverse Authors in Children’s  Literature“

BreakThru Radio, February 21, 2016: ”Revolution Week: Why We Need Diverse Books“

neaToday, February 11, 2016: “Award-Winning Graphic Novelist Encourages Kids to Read Outside Comfort Zones”

CBC, January 27, 2016: “#1000blackgirlbooks Campaign”

CBC, January 4, 2016: ”Gene Luen Yang Named 5th National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, 2016-2017“


GalleyCat, December 3, 2015: “Linda Sue Park on the Super Powers of Children’s Books”

Poetry Foundation, December 3, 2015: “I Don’t Need Diverse Books: On Re-defining ‘We’ and Making Black Art”

NPR Code Switch, November 5, 2015: “‘Diversity’ Is Rightly Criticized As An Empty Buzzword. So How Can We Make It Work?“ 

Publishers Weekly, October 16, 2015: “The PW Publishing Industry Salary Survey 2015: A Younger Workforce, Still Predominantly White”

Flavorwire, October 6, 2015: “Why We Need Diverse Writers’ Landmarks”

BuzzFeed Books, September 17, 2015: “I Gave a Speech to the Publishing Industry About Race and No One Heard Me”

Stacked, August 6, 2015: “Committing to Diversity When You’re White: A Primer”

CBC, July 30, 2015: “Racebending and Harry Potter Fandom”

Publishers Weekly, June 18, 2015: “Checking in on Diverse Books: A CBC Panel” 

NPR Code Switch, May 28, 2015: “The Worst Kind of Groundhog Day: Let’s Talk (Again) About Diversity In Publishing”

CBC, May 14, 2015: “The CBC and the unPrison Project’s Prison Nursery Libraries Initiative Featured on MSNBC”

CBC, February 19, 2015: “2014 Multicultural Literature Statistics from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center

Rich in Color, February 11, 2015: “Day of Diversity: A Recap”

The Show Me Librarian, February 8, 2015: “Selection is Privilege”

CBC, February 5, 2015: “Day of Diversity Action Points”

The Brown Bookshelf, January 26, 2015: “The Importance of Dreaming: Why Diversity Matters in Science Fiction and Fantasy”

The Washington Post, January 20, 2015: “Where are all the interracial children’s books?”

Book Riot, January 15, 2015: “Reading Diversely FAQ: Part 1”

The Guardian, January 12, 2015: “Books to Breed Tolerance: what children can read after the terrorist attacks in Paris”

The New York Times, January 9, 2015: “Please Look After this Bear”

CBC, January 8, 2015: “ALSC Announces ‘Building Steam with Día’ Book Lists”

CBC, January 8, 2015: “2014 Cybil Award Finalists Unveiled”

The New York Times, January 3, 2015: “Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions”

Bustle, January 2015: “TIME’s 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time is Very White…and Not Very YA”